As many of us dream of going out to the pub again Avani Solutions is busy ensuring that when we do, the beer will taste as good as it can. Avani works with the hospitality sector to ensure beer lines are super clean. This involves technician's visiting bars and restuarants, and the company previously commissioned an app and web based dashboard to improve the team's efficiency and communications. After an initial build Avani's Management team decided that their first choice of app developer wasn't able to deliver Avani's requirements and invited Exploding Phone to hop in. Although the project is ongoing Avani's MD, Amanda Thomson felt confident enough in the partnership with Exploding Phone to craft the following testimonial:
“A big ‘thank you’ to the team at Exploding Phone who inherited an app project that had gone very badly wrong, and converted it into a thing of perfection. Not only are they technically knowledgeable and proficient, they also speak a language that we can all understand, and it is that simple combination that makes them a pleasure to work with.”
We'll drink to that!

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