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Apollo Labour Control Tool

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The Apollo labour control tool gives Coen visibility and control of their commercial activities, enabling their distributed workforce to easily access and manage information.

Coen is a fast-growing Birmingham, UK based construction company with a multi-million pound turnover.

Coen built their first generation labour control tool with a different provider. They approached Exploding Phone for help, as the first generation system was creaking at the seams. Over the couple of years it had been live it had become slow, difficult to use and generally unloved.

We were commissioned to build the application again from scratch, architecting the system with scalability and performance in mind, along with optimising the user experience. The new system also includes some enhancements and new functionality.

The system allows Coen to manage projects and activities in the back office. This data is then available to their workforce of employees and subcontractors to record their work using their mobile devices. This work is then checked by a supervisor who uses the application to accept or reject it. Accepted activities feed through to the accounts system where payments for the work are made. Subcontractors can follow the status of their work in the app as it is approved and paid.

The tool takes the form of a responsive web app. This allows the application to be easily used on desktops, tablets and mobile devices of all types.


  • A labour control tool allows Coen to manage the core commercial parts of their business.
  • Coen back office staff can set-up projects and activities, controlling the amount of work and the rate for each activity.
  • Coen employees and subcontractors carry out the work and record it in the application on their mobile devices.
  • Supervisors can see in the application what work has been carried out and choose to accept or reject.
  • Accepted work is fed through to Coen’s accounts system where it is processed for payment.
  • Subcontractors can see the progress of their submissions as it is approved, processed and paid.
  • The web-based responsive application can be easily used on desktops, tablets and any mobile device.

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