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Allows gas installation contractors to provide credit facilities to their customers

Gas App Uk for iOS and Android is highly popular App with gas engineers. The company identified that smaller gas installers were not able to provide clients access to loans for new boilers. Gas App Uk asked Exploding Phone to add a Finance module to the existing app.

The project has two elements: 1) web portal that allows engineers to register and subscribe for the ability to offer credit, and 2) finance module app component which is made visible once the engineer has signed-up.

The web portal required integration with a finance house’s systems to perform suitability checks. The portal allows the engineer to pay their annual subscription fee via integration with Stripe.

The new app module comprises: 1) A finance calculator providing comparative costs for differing repayment models. This is facilitated via API integration with the finance company’s system. 2) Once a repayment option is chosen the client enters their details via the engineer’s app. The data is sent to the finance company’s system and the application is accepted or rejected. A successful application results in a pdf quote being emailed to the end-customer with a link which the client later needs to click for the funds to be transferred to the engineer once the work is satisfactorily completed.

Key technical challenges included integration with finance company’s systems, providing caching of information within the app to avoid connectivity related glitches occurring during the application process, and capture to pdf of the client’s signature.

The project was completed within eight weeks with the process accelerated by the already close working relationship between Exploding Phone and Gas App Uk. It is envisaged that this project will lead to further extensions to the Gas App Uk platform.


  • Provides ability for gas engineer to facilitate finance for their customers
  • Delivered as extension to existing app functionality
  • Includes Web Portal to allow engineers to sign-up and subscribe to service
  • Multiple integrations including Stripe and retail finance company’s systems
  • Latest stage in an on-going programme of extensions to Gas Uk platform

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