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Use Stannp to make postcards on your phone which can be printed and posted to anyone.

Stannp is a postcard app which enables the user to create postcards on their phone, either by taking a photo or picking from their photo library. Recipients are selected and the postcards are printed and posted on the user’s behalf.

Beautiful collages with multiple photos can be created and the app includes tools for manipulating photos to best fit in the card. Recipients can be imported from the user’s contacts or entered directly into the app, where they are stored for reuse.

Users purchase credits for sending postcards and the app features PayPal, Stripe and Worldpay integration giving the user a wide choice of payment methods. Sent postcards can be tracked in the app and reused to create new postcards.


  • App enables iPhone and Android users to turn their photos into real postcards which are automatically posted on their behalf.
  • Beautiful collages can be created and the app includes tools to ensure photos are a best fit in the postcard.
  • Users can purchase postcard credits with PayPal, Stripe and Worldpay.
  • Recipients can be entered into the app or selected from the user’s contacts.
  • The status of sent postcards can be tracked in the app.

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