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Software and support for Movoball, an innovative fitness and gaming device

Movonix is a startup company focusing on an innovative fitness and gaming product called Movoball. Movoball is a specially created exercise ball cradle which when used in conjunction with a smartphone or bluetooth accelerometer allows the user to control an application.

We developed a stand-alone application for Movonix which allows the product’s capabilities to be demonstrated by way of a number of simple games. This application can either use the phone’s built in accelerometer or connect to a bluetooth accelerometer, such as the Ti Sensor Tag device.

To test the fitness capabilities of the Movoball we integrated a bluetooth heart rate monitor into the Movonix app. This records the user’s heart rate as they use the ball, allowing the effect of the movement to be measured.

We’ve also adapted some open source arcade games, including Doom and space invaders to make use of the Movoball cradle. This involved enabling the phone’s built-in accelerometer as an input device and making the games capable of using a bluetooth controller.

Movonix have prototyped and developed their own bluetooth input device called Movobug. We worked with them through the development of the hardware to ensure it retained compatibility with the applications and worked effectively.


  • Movoball is an innovative fitness and gaming device which allows a smartphone application to be controlled by a the user’s motion on a fitness ball.
  • We developed proof of concept and demonstration software to allow the Movoballs capabilities to be tested and demonstrated.
  • A heart rate monitor was integrated into the application and the user’s heart rate can be recorded as they use the Movoball.
  • Adapted some open source arcade games such as Doom and Space Invaders to work with the Movoball cradle.
  • We worked with Movonix through the development of the Movobug bluetooth hardware to ensure compatibility and effectiveness.

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