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  • How much will it cost to develop an app like Uber/Snapchat/Facebook/JustEat?
    We are often asked to price creating an ‘Uber app for…….’. Please be aware that companies like Uber, Facebook and Snap have invested millions of dollars in developing their apps and many more millions in marketing the solution. In many cases these companies have relied heavily in Venture Capital and many have not started to return a profit by the time they IPO. If you believe you have a truly disruptive idea, then we suggest that you create a business plan and raise some significant investment. As a minimum we suggest you allocate £100,000 for Phase 1 app development and with any luck we’ll be able to do it a little bit cheaper for you.
  • Can Exploding Phone develop apps for any type of business?
    We create apps for small enterprises through to multinational businesses.
  • How much will an app cost to develop?
    If you can provide us with a couple of paragraphs detailing your requirements, platforms, communication with external data sources and device hardware integrations then we can normally provide you with a preliminary estimate. It is unlikely that it will cost less than £10,000 to develop your app however the final cost depends on the complexity of your requirements.
  • How long does it take to develop an app?
    It depends on the scale and complexity of the app. A typical project duration is two months; a small project may only take a few weeks; larger projects may take six months or more. Please note that it is just development time. You should also allow time for scoping the app, acceptance testing, approvals on app stores, etc.
  • Do you work with agencies?
    We have a strong track record of partnering with agencies. We can form part of the project team, or we can get on with the coding while the agency’s own teams take responsibility for creative work or account management with the end-client. We also collaborate with agencies as part of larger projects that include a smart device and/or mobile app component.
  • How do we start the process of getting a cost?
    Fill in the form on this website in as much detail as possible and we will provide you with an indicative pricing estimate. We’ll typically respond within two working days or we will contact you for more information about your mobile project. The more detail you provide, the more accurate the quote will be. Don’t worry, all the information you share with us will be treated in the strictest confidence.
  • What happens after we agree to proceed?
    If the indicative cost matches your budget, then we’ll start working with you to develop a detailed understanding of your requirements. We then create a project definition document which forms the basis of a contract. Once the contract is agreed and signed and the Stage One invoice has been paid, work can commence on your app.
  • What happens if we need to refine the specifications?
    We will attempt to flex the design specifications but if there is additional work required this will incur an additional fee. We strongly recommend that you allow a contingency of 20%~30% to allow for changes in functionality.
  • All we’ve got is a vision. Can you help?
    We can offer a fixed price consultation service at £700 to help you validate and refine your idea, from commercial, design and technical perspectives. If you decide to proceed after this exercise the £700 will be credited against the Deposit payment
  • We don’t have a budget. Do you enter into speculative or revenue-share projects?
  • We have a fully-documented specification with wireframes and other visuals. Can you code it for us?
    Yes. We’ve worked on a number of such projects. The costs will reflect the robustness of the specification and the reduced design effort required if artwork, etc., is supplied.
  • How will we keep the data in our app up to date?
    We can link your app to existing systems to keep it in step with information held elsewhere. If your staff need to manage data updates directly, we can link the app to your Content Management System (CMS) - this works particularly well for interactive apps. Or a web-based app would give you desktop access to data captured in your mobile app. If you’re starting from scratch, Exploding Phone can build the whole solution – the app itself, supporting databases, links to your systems, a CMS and a web app, according to your needs.
  • What happens if something goes wrong with my app once it’s launched?
    We offer a generous warranty period free of charge with every app developed. We then provide a customised support and maintenance package which will take care of areas such as Operating System updates (for example moving your app up to the latest version of iOS or Android) and content changes, as required.
  • What do we do next?
    Fill in the form on this website and we’ll call you ASAP. Alternatively, call us now on +44 (0)121 285 0383.

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