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Do you have some questions that need answering before getting in touch? Here are our most commonly asked questions...

  • How much will it cost to develop an app like Uber/Facebook/Just Eat?
    We are often asked to quote for the development costs of creating an ‘Uber app for…….’. Companies like Uber, Facebook and Just Eat have invested millions of dollars in developing their apps and many more millions in marketing.
  • Can Exploding Phone develop apps for any type of business?
    We create apps for small enterprises and start-ups through to multinational businesses. Many of our clients have identified a legacy process within their business or industry and we have partnered with them to add efficiency and/or effectiveness to that process via an app.
  • How much will an app cost to develop?
    Initially we request that you provide us with a couple of paragraphs detailing your requirements. From there we can normally provide you with an indicative estimate of costs and timescales. A typical project will include a UX/UI Design phase, development of natively coded iOS and Android apps along with a Content Management portal to administer the app, and finally testing and deployment. As a rule of thumb the base level cost for a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ is in excess of £20,000 exclusive of taxes.
  • Do you work on ‘Fixed Price’ or a ‘Time and Materials’ basis?
    We generally prefer Fixed Price however T&M is an option if this is the client’s preference.
  • How long does it take to develop an app?
    It depends on the scale and complexity of the app and is also impacted by the client’s timeliness in providing feedback to UX/UI designs and test builds. A typical smallish project duration is four to six months. This includes time for scoping the app, acceptance testing, approvals on app stores, etc.
  • Do you work with agencies?
    Yes, we have a strong track record of partnerships with agencies.
  • How do we start the process?
    Call us or fill in the contact form on this website. We’ll typically respond within one working day to schedule a preliminary scoping discussion.
  • Do you work under Non-Disclosure Agreements?
    Don’t worry, any information you share with us will be treated in the strictest confidence. Furthermore, for the entire life of the company, we have never published an app on our own behalf. However we understand that you may wish to ensure that your idea is protected and as such we are generally happy to sign your NDA.
  • What happens after we agree to proceed?
    If the indicative cost matches your budget, then we’ll then develop a detailed outline of your requirements which forms the basis of a contract. Once the contract is agreed and signed and the Deposit invoice has been paid, work can commence on the design of your app.
  • What happens if we need to refine the specifications?
    We can sometimes flex during the UX/UI design process but if there is additional work required to implement these changes then this will incur an additional fee, as will changes to the requirements during the coding phase. We strongly recommend that you budget for a contingency of 10%~20% to allow for changes in functionality.
  • All we’ve got is an idea. Can you help?
    We are happy to invest time and resources to estimating the development costs for your project. To ensure we are able to offer you a realistic estimate we require that you invest the time to define your ideas into a short specifications document.
  • We don’t have a budget. Do you enter into speculative or revenue-share projects?
    Sorry, our skills are in app development rather than financial investment.
  • We have a fully-documented specification with wireframes and other visuals. Can you code it for us?
    Yes. We’ve worked on a number of such projects. The costs will reflect the robustness of the specification and the reduced design effort required if artwork, etc., is supplied.
  • Do you offer a Maintenance and Support service?
    Yes, an optional Maintenance and Support service is available once the 90 day warranty period has expired?
  • We have an existing app. Can you take over the Support?
    No, in general we are not able to take over the Maintenance and Support of an app supplied by a third-party. While this is of course technically feasible we find that it is cheaper to re-build the app from scratch compared to the investment required to bringing an existing app to the point where we are comfortable supporting it.
  • How will we keep the data in our app up to date?
    We can link your app to existing systems to keep it in step with information held elsewhere. If you’re starting from scratch, Exploding Phone can build the whole solution – the app itself, supporting databases, links to your systems, a CMS and a web app according to your needs.
  • What happens if something goes wrong with my app once it’s launched?
    We offer a 3 month warranty period free of charge with every app developed. We then provide a customised Maintenance and Support package which will handle mobile device Operating System updates as required.

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