App Development Process

We have a tried and tested process we follow to ensure our projects run silky smooth.


1 - Define

Working with you, we’ll help express your ideas and requirements to outline what the project should deliver. This can take the form of meetings, workshops or other types of collaboration. Planning is crucial and this stage ensures that the requirements of the app are outlined in as much detail early on to ensure a strong foundation.


2 - Design

Using the brief as a basis, we will work with your designers or our own to produce a visualisation of what the end product will look like. This can include wireframes to outline the flow through the solution to complete mockups of the overall style of end result.


3 - Develop

We will take the project brief and the design and our developers will start building the project. The process is iterative and we like to send frequent work in progress versions of the solution and receive feedback at all stages of the process.


4 - Test

Testing is integral to the entire process. The development team will perform unit testing as they complete each section of the app to ensure each component works as intended. More holistic testing will be carried out before the completed app is delivered, to ensure it meets the requirements of the specification without any faults.


5 - Launch

Using our experience we will guide you through the process of submitting your app to the appropriate app stores, if appropriate. This includes making sure any quality reviews or certifications are conducted without a snag. We’ll also make sure any supporting systems are up to production capability to ensure a smooth go-live.


6 - Support

We are confident in the quality of our work and offer a warranty on everything we deliver. In addition we can also provide a tailored support package, which can cover OS updates and minor content changes as well as other types of support requirement.

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