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SOR/QOR App and Inspection Apps


Smartphone Reporting and Audit solution. Two apps to replace previously paper-based tools

TSL partnered with Exploding Phone to build a pair of apps: a Reporting app enabling TSL staff and subcontractors to log safety and quality issues along with an Inspection app to enable TSL staff to conduct site audits.

The Reporting app uses the user’s smartphone location to suggest the nearest sites and the user then enters a site specific PIN code which enables them to log issues. When logging an issue the user enters a description, selects a category, and where appropriate takes a photograph. The system appends the report with the device’s location information and timestamps the report. If the user’s device is not connected to the internet the data is cached and then uploaded to a Project Dashboard once an internet connection is available. The appropriate site manager is automatically sent an email with automatic reminders issued daily and a configurable escalation process to ensure the issue is addressed.

The Inspection app replaces a paper-based site safety inspections and dramatically improves the data capture process and enables inspections reports to be submitted as soon as the users device has internet access. Inspection items are detailed in the app with the user able to add comments and photographs. Upon completion the report is forwarded via email to the manager with responsibility for resolving non-compliances. The email includes a link to the Dashboard Portal where the manager records updates and resolutions.

Both the Reporting and Inspection apps are underpinned by a sophisticated administration portal. The back-end system comprises two elements, a Project Dashboard and App Management Portal. The Project Dashboard enables Site Managers and Head Office staff to review and manage data gathered by the two apps. Users can also generate reports allowing TSL management to track performance over time and identify problematic patterns of issues. The Portal also affords users with appropriate credentials the ability to add, delete, manage various aspects of the system including sites, users, escalation procedures and categorisations. The system was subsequently updated to support multiple languages.


  • iOS and Android
  • Reporting and Audit apps supported by common App Management Portal
  • PIN code to enable logging site specific safety and quality issues
  • Access management system for safety inspection auditors
  • Multi-language support

Available on:

  • iOS
  • Android

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