Bespoke Smart Speaker Development

Introducing our new smart speaker app development programme. We can develop your smart speaker apps for use on the Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod systems.

Alexa listening with Amazon Echo

What are Smart Speakers?

Smart speakers are intelligent, voice controlled home assistants currently marketed by Amazon, Google and Apple. Arguably the most popular is currently the Amazon Echo powered by Alexa, followed by the Google Home range and most recently, the Apple HomePod. Each allow users to intuitively interact with them only using their voice, allowing them to control aspects of their home environment. Uses include:

  • Wireless Hifi speaker system
  • Hubs for controlling home automation systems
  • Entertainment system for games, music, podcasts, radio, etc.
  • A communication device
  • A search engine information tool; useful for quickly finding bite-size information
  • A digital assistant for getting the weather, calendar information, setting timers, etc.
  • And much more with the ability to add your own apps
  • Amazon Echo Plus Smart Speaker with Alexa

    Amazon Echo Plus

  • Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa

    Amazon Echo

  • Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa

    Amazon Echo Dot

  • Google Home with Google Assistant

    Google Home

  • Google Home Mini with Google Assistant

    Google Home Mini

  • Apple Homepod with Siri

    Apple Homepod

Smart Speaker Business Opportunities

The ability to develop apps and skills for smart speakers unlocks an incredible range of possibilities. Whether expanding your current app suite to include smart speaker integration, or if you want a complete standalone function, smart speaker apps allow for unlimited potential.

Bespoke smart speaker apps can allow direct eCommerce orders to be made, subscription services to be accessed, specific smartphone app functions to be used and more, allowing for deep integration with existing systems. The consumer desire for these apps will stem from the ease of use of simplicity of talking to your Amazon Echo, Google home or Apple HomePod.

As an example, our latest development allows the user to ask Alexa to activate the heating in their electric car via voice command before leaving the house. This is all controlled via a secure connection to the car's existing API.

A user talking to Alexa Users speech bubble talking to alexa
Amazon Echo responding with Alexa
Amazon echo speech bubble
Cold car with no heating Warm car with heating on

The Exploding Phone Solution

Developing a smart speaker app

The Exploding Phone team of skilled engineers has an unparalleled record of delivering reliable, effective and efficient solutions to organisations wishing to use new technologies to improve the user experience. The team has built upon this foundation to provide a cutting-edge smart speaker app development service. Initial projects include building a smart speaker app that remotely and securely interacts with the user’s vehicle’s heating system.

Whether it is transferring smartphone app capabilities to a smart speaker or developing an innovative solution from scratch Exploding Phone is ideally placed to help you design, build and distribute your smart speaker solution.

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