Once again we are delighted that one of our customers has chosen to recognise the value of the work we do for them via a 5* review on the Clutch web site. With a model not disimilar to Trustpilot, the review site Clutch provides a forum where consumers of IT services can provide unfiltered feedback on their experiences of working with vendors. In this case Jimmy Davies, TwoKnights Ltd's Managing Director has stated "...Exploding Phone... make it simple since we’re not tech-savvy. Other agencies I’ve worked with have made it more complicated, and we’d come out of meetings more confused than when we went in. With Exploding Phone, we come out of meetings with a lot more clarity than when we went in because they make everything understandable to a non-specialist." We are excited to partner with Jimmy and his team as they build an AgTech solution with the potential to massively disrupt and re-invent on a global scale the supply of labour to the agricultural sector.

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