We are of course incredibly grateful for the sacroifices the NHS and other key workers have made for our society over the past 18 months. While perhaps not involving the same level of risk we are nevertheless delighted to have received the following testimonial from The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust and West Midlands Academic Health Science Network:

"Learning from excellent care, and repeating it more often is a key element of our day-to-day practice. It requires timely and relevant feedback to staff, which we saw as a challenge in need of digital assistance. The whole team at Exploding Phone have worked with us at Dudley Group and our partners at the WMAHSN, to provide not only the digital expertise but also the flexible work ethic needed to develop a sleek, efficient and user friendly solution to this complex problem. We look forward to continuing to work with them on this project."
Julian Sonksen, Consultant Anaesthetist, The Dudley Group NHS FT
Jodie Mazur, Patient Safety Lead, WMAHSN

We look forward to continuing and hopefully expanding upon our relationship with the team at Dudley and beyond.

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