Selco Builders Warehouse is part of the Grafton Group, a FTSE 250 listed company. Having recently completed a project to deliver an app for Selco customers, Selco's Head of MultiChannel Marketing, Simon Humpage, ageed to share his thoughts about how the project had gone.

Why did you decide to partner with Exploding Phone?
"When looking for an App development agency to partner with we spoke to several leading developers but selected Exploding Phone due to the enthusiasm, pragmatism, knowledge and understanding you showed for our project."

And how did the reality match your expectations?
"Exploding phone has displayed great patience during our development as we experienced several internal delays during the project but they always communicated well and continued to work well on the project despite the disturbed process."

So what was the experience of working on an app during a global pandemic?
"We worked with Exploding Phone following the start of the Covid pandemic and throughout several lockdowns and have developed a very good working relationship even having never actually meet in person. All of our meetings have been online!"

Any final thoughts on the project?
"We are really satisfied with the App we have been delivered by Exploding Phone, their technical expertise has given us an App which we hope to continue to develop and add features to and continue to work with Exploding Phone for some time to come."

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