We are delighted to see Dr Julien Sonksen being recognised his work in bringing about the QI Notify-EmLap app development by becoming a member of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.

QI Notify EmLap is a digital solution which ‘re-surfaces and transforms’ data already within clinical record into patient level ‘mini, qualitative case reviews’ for every patient undergoing an emergency laparotomy. Each patient journey review includes:

  • A timeline of the patient’s journey.
  • A description of care delivered.
  • A qualitative assessment of the care received against recognised standards.
  • Access to the clinical standards.
  • Opportunities for users to capture reflective writings and/or service improvement ideas.

For the first time staff within this multi-disciplinary team can receive regular, patient level qualitative feedback shortly after an episode of care has completed, allowing them to ‘look back’, review and reflect on what went well, why it went well, and how they and others might do the same, more often and more consistently.

In a similar way QI Notify-EmLap will give insights to the occasions when outputs and outcomes are not as hoped for. Regular reflection supports small adaptions in behaviour (individual, team, and organisational), which overtime leads to cumulative improvements in care.

Julian commented:
"Innovation can play a crucial role in supporting the NHS for the future, sometimes through ‘big ticket’ advances such as AI, but also through multiple small innovations, including tools like QI Notify-EmLap. QI Notify-EmLap can make the working environment more educational and developmental, leading to better motivated, trained, and experienced workforce. Finally, where successful and repeatable, innovation will lead to economic growth, which itself can generate further resource to invest in the NHS."

He went on to say:
"My ambitions moving forward are to make my participation in the programme a success, including the sharing of QI Notify-EmLap with other organisations and to conduct a real-world evaluation to assess impact."

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Julian and the NHS as the app is made available to a wider community of medical practitioners.

For further information a Case Study describing the work undertaken by Exploding Phone in this project can be found in the Portfolio of app developments section of the Exploding Phone web site.

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