We are pleased to add a Case Study describing a recent project to develop a customer facing app for Selco Builders Warehouse - part of the Grafton Group of Companies) to the Exploding Phone Portfolio.
The Selco team recently updated the organisation’s web site and decided that the return on this investment could be increased with the deployment of a mobile app. The brief was to design and build an app that added value to the mobile user experience by adding to the core Selco web site.
Exploding Phone has developed apps for both very large and very small organisations, across a wide range of industries and meeting myriad business requirements. In partnering with Selco we worked closely with both the marketing and IT teams with the goal of enhancing Selco's customer experience while reassuring the IT representatives that Exploding Phone's methodology with regard to security met or exceeded their requirements.
Preliminary feedback is that the current app is potentially just the start of a journey with an expanding array of functionality likely to be identified based upon user feedback.

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