There are many ways to attempt to understand and evaluate a company, its products and services, its reputation in the market and its strategy and culture. However we believe that companies are only as strong as their employees. To give potential customers additional insight into Exploding Phone we will publish a series of interviews with the team.
While some app development companies rely on their customers and software engineers to define the app’s aesthetics and usability Exploding Phone has a dedicated design User Experience/User Interface specialist: Greg Radek.
When did you join Exploding Phone?
I joined at the start of 2015, so over 6 years ago.
And in summary, how would you describe your job?
Well, I sometimes describe myself as Chief Colourer in of Pictures, however in reality my main task is taking a customer’s ideas and requirements and converting them into something that the customer can approve, and that the software engineers can build. While this sounds simple enough, there are challenges teasing out the clients requirements and then ensuring that the resulting wireframes and visuals both match the vision while also encouraging the client to ensure the app and any supporting web pages adhere to design best practice. In addition to all this I also manage the Exploding Phone web site and I am responsible for designing any physical media.
How have you developed professionally during your time at Exploding Phone?
Well, it’s been quite a journey. My background was mainly in the traditional print design space before moving more into digital design, so I needed to get up to speed quickly on designing for the digital and in particular mobile world. And it never really slows down as I continually attempt to build my skills and experience in a highly dynamic field of design.
What software environments do you mainly use?
Quite a range really. I tend to use Illustrator or Adobe XD for wireframes describing the User journey. For visual designs, that is, the User Interface I typically use Photoshop or Adobe XD and Illustrator for vector based Icons. For web site design and development it’s a similar process but with some coding for front end HTML, CSS (SASS) and Javascript. I also design the more complex in-app assets, for example, small jpgs for buttons, icons, and other UI element, which the coder then drops into the app.
What is the most complex project on which you have worked at Exploding Phone?
We have an on-going project to build a system to replace an extensive set of paper based checks and reports in the care sector. Migrating to a digital solution allows the system to support interconnections and checks that are just not possible with a set of books, but this does add significantly to the complexity.
And what was the most unusual project you worked on?
I designed an app for car enthusiasts in China. Cultural differences and design expectations resulted in a set of requirements and expectations unlike any other app I’ve worked on.
How would you describe the Exploding Phone culture?
Friendly, approachable, mutual respect, empowered. It’s a great place to work.
So how has Covid-19 and Lock-down changed the way you work?
Yes, it’s been tricky, as it has for many people. Working from home definitely requires a different type of discipline. I now fully appreciate benefits of face-to-face communication in an office environment. But Slack, Zoom and Teams help, so I feel I’m still able to deliver upon my responsibilities.
What motivates and excites you?
As you’d expect, I am a bit of a design geek! Which translates into things like taking pleasure and inspiration from areas such as NASA’s 1970s branding guidelines to the work of font designer Erik Spiekermann. But in a nutshell I really enjoy the process of helping create solutions that both function elegantly and delight the end user.
A final question: what is your favourite memory of working at Exploding Phone?
We did manage to have fun in the office and I look forward to the day when we can all go back. One of my favourite events is when we order in pizza and watch Apple and Google product launches. Sounds odd but we all get pretty passionate about these things. It’s like a football match for techies!

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