We have published a Case Study describing a project to build an app to help student manage their mental health. Founder, Hugh Griffiths, commented "the relevence of UniWellBeing has been elevated (were this needed) given the stresses and strains on the student population during the current difficulties, particularly those in their final year of study, and aprehensive about transitioning into employment".

UniWellBeing has now been deployed at the folllowing Universities: Newcastle, Abertay, Roehampton, Falmouth/Exeter in the UK and Maquarie in Australia. The Explding Phone team is please to once again be working with Hugh having contributed to the success of the market leading High Education app: campusM, and look forward to continuing the relationship.

UniWellBeing is just one of a selection of app development projects listed at the Portfolio section of the Exploding Phone Web Site.

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