If you're prepared to deliver, indeed over-deliver, on your promises then clients become partners and business partners become friends. Hugh Griffiths has worked with Exploding Phone for over 10 years, first when he commissioned the team to build the apps for what became the UK's leading app for Higher Education campusM, and laterly with the Student Services app: UniWellbeing. As such we think it is fair to regard him as a friend of the family.
UniWellbeing (case study here) is now being deployed in several Universities, both UK and internationally, to enthusiastic user reviews on the iOS and Android App Stores. So it seemed appropriate that Hugh would submit a review to the Clutch web site, and we are delighted to see our commitment to partnership and customer success reflected in his comments.
We fully expect that Uniwellbeing is just at the start of its development journey as the apps functionality expands to meet its users' needs and we look forward to continuing the project over the coming years.

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