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The UniWellBeing app is designed to make adopting health and wellbeing practices fun, stimulating and interactive. It combines social engagement activities, tools and educational content to empower users to assimilate positive habits and coping skills.

Each element of the app’s design entailed careful UX/UI consideration. Key components include a habit management tool which incorporates ‘micro-habit’ based challenges and awards making the user experience engaging and collaborative. The system also includes an array of calming and grounding components along with procrastination awareness tools. Users are guided to appropriate resources including an extensive library of UniWellBeing created podcasts. Exploding Phone engineered a Podcast framework whereby University podcasts incorporated into the app maintain a consistent look and feel.

An App Management Portal allows universities to manage the content, messages and branding facilitating rapid deployment of institution specific versions of UniWellBeing. The Portal is also used by UniWellBeing admin staff to create and manage core resources and configure a sophisticated ‘deep-linking’ mechanism which allows complex user journeys through the app to be set-up dynamically.

The Exploding Phone development team anticipated that the client would require greater levels of complexity as the solution evolved so the App Management Portal allows UniWellBeing administrators to extend the app’s core features. For example the set of emotions presented in the ‘Mood Tracking’ feature can be extended and amended. React JS was used to build the web-based App Management Portal and the componentised nature of React JS meant that once an element is created it could easily and quickly be reused.

The system design called for very high levels of data security. Naturally the system is fully GDPR compliant including the ability for uses to comprehensively purge their data. At Exploding Phone’s recommendation the system is hosted on the Linode Cloud platform. The system is engineered to allow unique instances of the system to be rapidly deployed dramatically simplifying and reducing cost of deploying the system into new territories.

Development of UniWellBeing commenced in mid-2018 with version 1.0 of the Android and iOS apps being deployed by several Universities for the start of the 2019/20 academic year. Client and user feedback has defined further developments including streamlining of the on-boarding process and extensions to the current chat-bot functionality. ‘Out-of-the-box’ integration with common academic management systems are also being developed and the system’s reporting systems are to be extended to provide Universities with additional means of demonstrating the app’s impact.


  • iOS and Android versions
  • Powerful App Management Portal
  • React JS used to build App Management System
  • Very high levels of data security
  • Powerful podcast management tool

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