At Exploding Phone we are fortunate to have partnered with many companies as their business evolves but the journey with TwoKnights Limited (TKL) has been somewhat unique!

Exploding Phone has previously worked with a agricultural worker recruitment company to build a portal to track and manage the placement of workers. In 2021 this company was purchased by TKL who identied that along with the traditional recruitment business, they had also acquired a software solution that could be adapted to serve the needs of a variety organisations in the sector. In discussion with Exploding Phone it was decided to significantly enhance and extend the existing software to a SaaS system and market this solution to third-parties.

We have added a Case Study to our portfolio describing the next two years of this project, which has already expanding to address a range of hitherto poorly serviced business requirements and we look forward to working with TKL along the next stage of the path.

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