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SaaS based Staff Sourcing and Management system

In-house worker placement system evolved to become recruitment management platform. Provides increased transparency and efficiency for employers, agents and workers

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TwoKnights Limited partnered with Exploding Phone to expand an in-house recruitment management system to become a Limited as a Service (SaaS) Recruitment Management Portal.

In 2021 TwoKnights Limited acquired a software system via the purchase of a recruitment company. The team anticipated focussing upon the existing business model with the custom built software being a minor component of the acquisition. However, in conversation with Exploding Phone, TwoKnights Limited concluded that the current system had significant intrinsic value which could be enhanced and sold to organisations sourcing and/or employing workers.

The previous in-house system managed the placement of seasonal workers. TwoKnights Limited believed that by becoming a sophisticated, sector agnostic, recruitment management platform built upon a Software as a Service model the company would be able to sell the system to third-parties.

TwoKnights Limited tasked Exploding Phone with rebuilding the system accordingly. The ‘Gateway’ service was updated to support the user roles of Employer (previously designated as Farms), and Sources (previously Agents), Workers and SaaS Admins (TwoKnights). Each class of user has the ability to create and manage both standard users and admin users who have extended privileges. Furthermore Employers and Sources can either be subscribed or unsubscribed with paying customers having an extended set of rights and privileges.

The Gateway was further developed to streamline the recruitment processes including the management of visa related and other contractual documents, the on-boarding and off-boarding of workers and transfer requests. In late 2023 the introduction of ‘bespoke’ orders enabled Employers and Sources and customise their requirements to comply with Government visa requirements.

Other development highlights include facial recognition capability, support for digital signatures and a sophisticated geo-location component enabling leaver verification.

The system offers transparency and auditability for all users. This is of particular importance with seasonal workers as it provides safeguards from exploitation. It also assists with enforcing visa compliance regulations.

The TwoKnights team are recruitment experts but this was their first foray into software development. Exploding Phone helped TwoKnights Limited develop the Business Analysis and Requirements Definition skills.

As the scope of the system’s capabilities has grown exponentially Exploding Phone is developing documentation and unit testing systems to ensure the system to continue to be further developed in a sustainable and manageable way.

It is envisaged that The Gateway is the first of a series of ‘AgTech’ systems utilising technology to help the agricultural community to be more efficient and effective. A complementary solution designed to manage Worker accommodation was developed in 2023.


  • Sophisticated recruitment management SaaS
  • Ability to be adapted to support various types of visas
  • Comprehensive permissions management


  • Provides recruitment audit trail for Workers, Sources and Employers
  • Provides digital signatures, face recognition and location verification components

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