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An award winning application suite to help a major demolition company revolutionise their outdated paper based health and safety systems.

Coleman & Company are a Birmingham, UK based demolition company with a £28m turnover employing over 200 staff. Health and safety is an integral part of everything they do and this coupled with an innovative spirit led Coleman & Company work with us to build the HazzApp and EasiApp applications.

Coleman & Company had two key processes they wanted to modernise and bring into smartphone applications.

The first process is spotting hazards on their demolition sites, anyone working on a site has a responsibility to report any hazards they spot. The existing system used paper cards which were placed in a box and periodically collected, actioned and analysed. This process was slow, labour intensive and potentially unreliable. The new process involves a smartphone app which can be downloaded by all workers on site. The app allows hazards to be recorded, categorised and photographed and the data sent immediately over the internet to a cloud-hosted platform.

The second process is health and safety auditing on site. This is generally carried out by a member of the HSQE (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) team who will audit a site based on a fixed set of criteria. The results of the audit are recorded and feedback given to the project manager, along with being used for more general analysis. The existing process was paper based and the analysis done by hand with the results of the audits being keyed into spreadsheets. The new system has a smartphone app which is used by the HSQE team to carry out the audit. They can audit a whole site or an area of a site and choose which subset of criteria to base their audit upon. The results are recorded in the app, along with photographic evidence of what has been observed, and sent immediately over the internet to the cloud-hosted platform on completion.

The cloud-hosted platform has a web-based management interface, colloquially known as the dashboard. This provides access to the information recorded by the smartphone apps in a central collated way. For project managers the dashboard shows information about their specific sites, including all hazards that have been spotted and the results of any audits. Any potential hazards or items picked up on audits are highlighted as open and the project manager can remedy these quickly and record, along with a photo, when they have been closed.

For senior management users the dashboard provides a powerful overview of what’s going on in Coleman & Company’s many distributed sites. With graphing capabilities trends can be easily visualised within the dashboard. The photos submitted by the app also give a much clearer picture of what is happening on site and allows any potential issues to be identified and resolved quickly.

The HazzApp and EasiApp apps are both native applications available for iPhone and Android Handsets. The dashboard is a responsive web-based application that can be used on a desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Coleman & Company recently won the ‘Safety & Training Award’ from the World Demolition Awards for HazzApp the hazard spotting app.


  • HazzApp allows anyone on site to quickly and easily report hazards.
  • EasiApp is for HSQE staff to carry out site based audits.
  • Both apps allow the user to take and submit photos with their reports / audits.
  • A web-based dashboard allows project managers to quickly view and respond to hazards and audits for their sites by resolving and closing issues.
  • The dashboard also gives senior management a company wide overview including graphs and visualisations for detecting trends.
  • Coleman & Company won the World Demolition Award in the ‘Safety & Training’ category for HazzApp.

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