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Home automation and control system to extend user independence

The Steeper Group had previously commissioned an iOS app to enable people with mobility issues to control a range of household appliances and communication devices, however the app required a major update.

Evo+ is the control centre for a bespoke system comprising multiple diverse hardware components. As such the app is required to managing the devices’ states using bespoke communication protocols, maintaining persistent connection to multiple devices, and handle hardware errors appropriately.

Core project deliverables included recreating the original app’s functionality while ensuring that the app is compatible with the latest version of iOS; updating the system to enable it to work with additional devices; and refreshing the User Interface.

Having reviewed the original code our engineers elected to recreate the UI and functionality of the previous app using the Swift programming language, thus enabling the optimisation of all aspects of the app’s performance. The project also required a re-write of the back-end system which is now ready to support other mobile platforms, e.g., Android, if the business requirement arises, and now offers a modern User Interface.

Steeper and Exploding Phone have agreed a comprehensive support and maintenance arrangement to ensure the app remains fit for purpose for the foreseeable future.


  • Complete re-write of the previous version of app using the latest technologies
  • Provides central home automation control hub
  • Supports latest versions of third-party controllable devices
  • Fully supported via Exploding Phone’s maintenance and support service

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