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Literacy Resource & Assessment App for Teachers

Adds mobile access and extends capabilities of web based system

Allows annotation of resources and ability to capture, tag and share pupils’ work

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Literacy Tree is a complete, book-based platform for primary schools that covers all the requirements of England’s Primary English Curriculum.

The mobile app enhances the capabilities of system by both providing an additional channel to access Literacy Tree’s book-based resources and also extending the system’s utility by exploiting smartphone specific functions.

Literacy Tree was initially conceived as a web based system. However the company realised that a smartphone app could increase the scope of the system and hence utility to users.

The app affords users three key functions: a) the means of annotating of Literacy Tree learning resources, b) the ability to capture of children’s work and c) the capability to easily assess children’s work and link the captured work to these assessments.

The app is closely integrated with the Literacy Tree Learning Portal via integration with an extensive and complex set of APIs. For example, app users are able to add, edit, delete classes and students from within the app. Furthermore as a subscription based service the app supports the same control of access to resources as the web based system.

The app also allows educators to use their smartphone to capture a photograph of pupils’ work. Users then have the ability to both share and tag the samples to individual or groups of pupils, books and even assessment standards. Images can then be stored within the app or uploaded and shared via the Literacy Tree platform as ‘Work Samples’.

Finally the app provides a quick and simple way of annotating Literacy Tree resources using annotation bubbles within pdf documents which may be subsequently viewed and edited within the app.

As a result of the project the mobile app has enabled the company to provide educators a new medium for utilising the Literacy Tree platform.

The app needed to work seamlessly with the existing Content Management System. Exploding Phone worked closely with Literacy Tree’s web development partner to integrate with APIs to enable the two systems to work in tandem to provide app users with a fully integrated experience.

Version 1.0 of the Literacy Tree app was published to the app stores in September 2023, with the first set of enhancements being published in November 2023. This is envisaged as just the first set of feature refinements and extensions in response to user feedback.


  • Close integration with existing custom built Content Management System
  • Ability to capture and tag images of pupils’ work


  • Ability to annotate, edit and share Literacy Tree resources
  • Android and iOS

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